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At Diamond Yorkies, we have several gorgeous studs. Our gentleman yorkies range from traditional colors to parti and chocolate colors. Each stud is home raised and socialized which makes their personalities loving and sweet. Before your female goes into heat, come by and visit with us. We will make a detailed plan. When the "stud service" pups are born, we normally receive one of them as payment...or there is an up front charge of $500 - $800 for the stud service alone.

Services associated with stud service are listed below:

1. Advice on care of pregnant females.

2. Whelping (birthing) advice.

3. Tail docking and dewclaw removal.

4. Weaning (raising) advice.

5. First vaccination of litter.


Pippen, AKC
3.6 pounds

(Gorgeous baby doll face, short legs, cobby body, bright expressive eyes)

Texas yorkie, Texas stud, south texas stud

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Prince, AKC
5 pounds

(Balanced face, soft as cotton yorkie hair, baby doll face, bright, joyful eyes)

AKC parti yorkie, Texas stud for parti yorkies

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Andes Chocolate, CKC
3.6 pounds

(Very tiny features, short legs, cobby body, precious loving personality)

chocolate yorkie, yorkie stud, chocolate yorkie stud

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Sebastion, AKC
3.4 pounds

(Tiny features, cobby body, hugs the ground, loves to play soccer, loving, soft coat of yorkie hair)
AKC stud, teacup stud

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yorkie stud, Texas yorkie stud, yorkies for sale
Our males are not for sale.